In G.C.P we wanted to change the world by doing different projects to change the world. We had 7 different groups and I did newspaper. There were tough times and easy times so overall it was pretty fun because we got to learn new things how to save the world. We planted trees at Rusty duce because our city needs more oxygen and more stuff like becoming a global citizen.

The thing I liked about the presentation was when all the kids knew some of their parts and I also liked when the newspaper dudes came to take pictures of us.

I would change so that some people can pick their own groups. I think the process was pretty good but I think we need to change some things to because the people didn’t know their parts and we think that it would be better when people know the their parts.

I think the teachers should be not as rude to the kids who are taking a break and the teacher yells at them to do something. I think that we should be able to take a break and not be yelled at by the teachers.

The Procedure for throwing the Javelin
To get ready to throw the Javelin There are a couple of things you need to know.

• You need a rod from Wal-Mart and other places that sell the rod. You can put tape or cloth in the middle of the Javelin.
• Now you need to have a measuring tape that you can get from Wal-Mart and other stores.
• Now take both of thoughts to where you are going but make sure that there is a lot of room. Now measure your field and have fun throwing the Javelin.
Notice Do not throw at anyone and make sure there is a parent or guardian to watch you.
Javelin Procedure
• First you need a metal rod with two pointed ends
• You need a measuring tape
• Measure 100 metres
• Then pick up the Javelin and hold the Javelin in your one hand and put your hand in the centre of the rode.
• Start running with the Javelin and throw it like a baseball and the Javelin will fly like a baseball into the ground
• Run to your Javelin and pick it up
• After you picked it up walk back and write down you throw
• Have fun and keep throwing the Javelin
• Put the Javelin at your side before you throw it

Branson Missouri

Wow this school year has been a tough one the teachers, the math is way too hard. The School year is coming to an end and its glory day. The clock says 3:05pm the kids are all ankuses to get out and go home and sleep for a day. The one thing I want to do is get out of here and go on a big holiday. The bell rings its 3:10 the kids are all dancing because it’s the summer break. The funny thing is the teacher is even happy that the school year is over. The one thing is I walking out of the room and the teacher walks up to me and asks,” what I’m doing for summer break I say I’m going on a holiday and she says good luck,”” I say thank you.” When I walk to the front door the principle is even dancing. I started walking and my mother picks me up. We head back to the house and my dad was waiting for us. So we hoped in the truck and headed off to Kanas City. We were on the road and the fields of green grass and the beautiful green trees. It was becoming night and the road was packed so my dad decided to get off the highway and get a room. We got to Sioux Falls and we saw a nice big hotel and the parking lot was not full so we pulled in and we got a room for the night. The very next day we were back on the road and we made it to Kansas City and we just decided to carry on to the next place that was nice. We pulled in to get gas and the lady said were you headed we said to nowhere really. The lady said go to Branson Missouri we asked what is it like she said it’s like a mini Las Vegas without casinos so there we were headed to Branson Missouri. When we got to Branson Missouri we were amaised it was getting dark so we got a hotel room. The next day we were driving around and we saw a really big go kart place so we went go karting for a hour or so. The next thing we went to a theatre and it was people acting as elves and jerry ray Luis and I can’t say he was my favorite but not the worst thing. The best singer was Elvis because he was just different and faster music. The next day we went to Fuddruckers a burger joint. The food was good no the best I say I’ve had better. The thing we did today was the best because we went shopping and I got a new pair of sunglasses (Oakley’s) the thing my dad bought was a new set of kitchen knives. My mother bought a new pair of kitchen wear which I don’t ever know what she bought. We went for a nice sunny holiday and guess what it was raining that day so the go karts didn’t run so we went to people acting as Abba the band. My dad was totally impressed but that wasn’t my thing. After that we went to a showboat that was the best thing. A lady that very strong climbed a big rope and played her violin. She was super strong she probably could have been in the army {she trained for the army].  The gift shop was really big on the boat they had a really big bar. The best thing was when my mother tried a beer and she thought it was not bad but she didn’t like the after taste so she threw is out. Before the boat show started there was a big screen and the video started and the video was about the boat how it was built and the boat was too heavy for a Crain to pick it up so they used 100 pounds of bananas and the bout was on the hill so they put bananas on the bottom and the boat slid of the hill without rolling and the boat hit the water and the paddles broke off but that was easy to fix. {Here is a picture.}                        

After we got off the boat then there were so many greetings and the best thing about the boat I personally think is the paddles because they were red and that was my favorite colour. My mother thought it was the worst thing now since were home we have about 100 pictures at the house without my brother because he was in Italy. My father and I went on a helicopter and it was the best thing my dad said he would not fly anytime but I convinced him to fly. When we were on the helicopter we were going about 110 km per hour and the wind was bouncing the helicopter around. The culture was Native American and white people. The place we went I bought a knife that was six dollars and the people were super nice {Native American}. I wish I could go back to Branson Missouri. The place is exactly like Las Vegas but no casinos and no bars. I wish I could go back.

Estevan Saskatchewan Canada

The Great Grey City Estevan

Has a small ring to it but it is interesting once you get to know the Beatiful City

The Best thing Always fresh…              Tim Hortons/ColdStone!!!

The great food at Blackbeards

The Dam is beatiful at night the water running through it you can here birds chirping loudly with their family

The Best part about Estevan is the best for Cheezy pot Pepper soup from Blackbeards

The air smells like Estevan gas air

The Best is the hockey late friday night and the bruins are loosing and they go down the ice they shoot and they score with .8 seconds left on the clock the croud goes wild

The game on the TV is on Washington VS Bruins and you eat your popcorn and No one is there to bother you

The Great Grey City Estevan.


Hockey is the greatest sport

Hockey gets the Adrenalin going, puts kids in the hospital

It gets other people scholarships

Hockey makes life feel complete

Hockey makes humans happy and sad

Hockey makes the fans exited

Hockey makes me free from school

Hockey gets parents to spend their money

You skate down the ice you shoot and the goalie saves the day

the croud goes wild


All meat wings my form will be up and down they are

taste the tacky

They come out on a nice

white plate and they look so

Tasty there are six

you think it is small

They cover your hunger

they sizzle and just call your name

Eat me they say

Their red rich color

You start eating and you make lots

of noise mmmmmm

They say thank you

My Brother and I went to Seattle and had the best weekend of our lives. My brother and I went to the seaside aquarium it was huge. My brother and I went a boat that went to an island that you get to learn about other cultures. We went outside and saw three racoons that were watching us. I saw a family of deer and they just watched me and started eating grass again and never looked at me again. Then my brother and I walked around and we went into the place we eat and it was very dark and we didn’t see the stairs and we both fell not even knowing were the stairs were.





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