A/ Estevan will not likely have an earthquake because we are not in the earthquake area.

B/ The rock cycle has happened because we have heat and pressure. We have medimorfic rock. Rocks have changed over time because the wind and rain has made the rock weather down and break down.

C/ The this that are mined in Estevan Saskatchewan are Potash, Coal, Oil, Dimond, Gold, Uranium. The other  way to make igneous is when you have a big Furness and you smelt it.

D/ The soil that Saskatchewan is dark brown soil. it is fertilized by fertilizer.





Particle Theory for making glass

The sand is put into the hot furnaces and the sand turns into liquid so the particles are really moving and they are hot the particles are spread out so you can add other things.

The glass is now put into a blower and that cools down the melted sand and the sand now becomes a solid which the particles are now put together so the will not move until the glass is broken.

The sand be left in the Furness and the glass starts to disiper and that’s called evaporation and the glass has slowly started dispersing into mid-air. the particles are moving away from the sand b/c they are dispersing

An ecosystem is when an animal eats a plant then moves on to another animal eating that animal.1A ecosystem started with a green plant. It moves on to a grasshopper it gets eaten by a mouse, then a snake, the snake gets eaten by an owl. The truth is some climates change quickly and some stay the same it’s all different around the world. The myths are global warming is coming fast.

My campaign reaction is wow that is new information that i have never heard before. I think Roy Ludwig should win because he has run the council for a couple of years. He has been driving on the roads and he thinks they are embarassing to other people that don’t live near Estevan.


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