Career ED

My though
ts on the future is
A job is some temporality because you don’t know if you will get fired and a career is when you can be anything for a really lone time and you can.
2. YES!!!!
3. 2 of my interests are that I like sports and science. My fav subject is Science.
4.transferrable is when you take it with you. content skills are
5. I can be a fast person and im quick on the mass of objects.
6. 2 things that I value is that I can work outside even when it’s cold out.

1.Cameron Russell is trying to get the message across you always don’t have to be a skinny girl to become a model.

2. My self image is that I’m not skinny and I am not good looking or smart. I can just say things in the mirror to make myself to feel better. The good things about me are that I’m good at sports.

3.Positive or negative self image can effect our daily lives by feeling low and not feeling confident about myself.

4. You can change from lower to higher by saying that have a good day and saw that I’m Beautiful. You can because all you have to do is go into a place and tell your mom to help you become beautiful. She can help you become like that by you telling her to tell you that your beautiful.


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