1 to 2 million people leave china every year to find jobs. The Government uses power to build buildings and send other foods and electronics to other country’s and more education can get the electronics to other country’s. the power of the government in china is great they can send people3 to other country’s.The government gives employment to the country’s and the city to build a building to make employment and when they run out of room they build on top of each other to make more room and have sometimes better jo0bs than other people. The government helps people in need form floods and people around come together to help the ones in need the government puts money into the houses that were in the flood.  the Government owns the people and the people own their houses and their food.


The government uses power in the school and when a disaster happens in Sask the government helps the police find the people. Sask helps people in need when they are sick they have Saskatchewan health card. Government pays for the teachers that teach us.The government pays for floods and the disasters that happen but they have a budget. the government knows the rules of the people.



I found out that my parents knew about democracy is war.My parents knew that democracy isn’t just handed to you.You need to fight for your freedom people are laying down their lives for our freedom.

The four key princpiles for a democracy.
Justice-One person is not favored all people are the same. They are expected to follow the rules. Many schools have a code of conduct.People have responsibiltys.
Equalitys-To treat people all the same for who they are. People with the cultures, Their race, Their looks. People are taken for grented. Some people have to struggle with their rights. People make sure thet are herd of whatevercost.
Represantation-People have rights to vote.People are represantated what they are elected. People coudn’t vote when the were women.
Freedom-People have freedom for people giving their live to our country.
Goverment is for all the people.Goverment is more than one person for the benifit of all people.


The canadain goverment is a Parliamentary system, Constitutional monarchy.

Parlimentary system is the one below the Constitutional monarchy the Constitutional monarchy is the one who gives orders the the parlimentary system.Constutuional monarchy acts like the head of the state.

Guatemala’s Goverment is Presidential system, Unitary state, Constitutional republicPresidential system- Is upper than the Unitary state, Constitutional republic the Presidential system runs the goverment in guatemala.

This link is about types of goverments.

Sources- Yahoo Answers, wiki, Google.

My response to the mayors is a good mayor does everything that needs fixing. If the road gets done they will get other stuff first.

Mr.Roy Ludwig Sept.21

So far I think that i will tell my parents to vote for Roy. I think that Roy has more potential to be mayor  he will be fixing the roads right away so i think that is great.

Mrs.Lynn Chipley Sept.25

Mrs lynn Chipley still was good but she wasn’t good enough she needs to go and be more loud and be more happy that she is running for mayor some people don’t have a chance to run for mayor.

Mr Jim Halladay sept 27

mr jim halladay wasn’t good because he had no excitement to be mayor so he was not perpared to be asked questions. He wanted to still have the roads better than they are because they are embarising to estevan

Making A Difference

Making a difference is about 3 poems that make someone better. We had 3 Canadian characters that saved someones life. I did Justin Bieber saving a little girl.

§Justin bieber saves a little girl from getting crushed against a wall and she was getting crushed against barriers. When favorite singer Justin Bieber came out Justin pulled a little girl out from the barriers and walls. There was no more tears shed. Justin was a hero to that little girl.

Mcdonalds83 did Headly that touchs their fans.

Hedley makes front page from using music to touch their fans.They make people super happy and please their fans.Hedley performed their hit song Cha Ching at the closing ceremony of the 2010 winter Olympics’ in Vancouver.

Knibbsey did

76 students, parents, and teachers of the Tuxedo Park School arrived with apples and peelers in hand. They were there to participate in the annual Thanksgiving Pie Project. The 57 pies they baked were donated to the Suffern Soup Kitchen in Suffern, New York, and to Grandmothers Acting as Parents in New Jersey, for Thanksgiving dinners.

101 Things Canadains should know about canada

2 People

Don Cherry-Don Cherry played for Hersey bears, boston bruins, Spring feild indians, Trois-Rivières Lions, Kitchener-Waterloo Beavers, Spokane Comets, Vancover Cunucks. Thats some of them.

Wayne Gretzky– played for 4 different teams he is 51 years old and he was born in brantford ontario.
2 Places
Niagara falls-Niagara falls is very special because it is not man made it was formed by god.
Montreal– Montreal is a city with 1,649,519 people so they have to be conservitive with everything they have.
2 Concepts
War of 1812– War of 1812 there was lots of parents and captins that died there was about 11000
Great lakes– the great lake have special it is 22 679 km. they formed about 10 000 years ago.
2 Entertainment
Hockey-Hockey pucks were once made out of chocolate. If hockey pucks wern’t made we wouldn’t have hockey puck so no hockey.
Grey Cup-Grey cup is 100 years old because 2012 there was the 100th grey cup.They have to make it bigger because they have so many.
The reason I picked my 8 things because the people i picked and the places i picked are my favorite things in the world.

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