How a bill  becomes a law ( common craft video )

Power and Authority

An individual can impact the power and authority by helping the person who has a the power. We could go to the person with power and ask him or her for a change. It is important to vote because you vote for the right person that is a good and not a bad person. Not everybody will be happy with you but you try to make friends with them. We get people involved in politics by running for city counsel and fixing up the city and fixing the garbage pick up route. We can improve the schools by making them bigger and that would be my job.

Land And Canadian Identify   

1. The land is important because it is flat and stretches for miles and miles. It is beautiful for deer and that Canada is big and we are spread out unlike other country’s we are beautiful and we have beautiful mountains and big flowers. We have farms and sports and hunting.


The difference between primary, secondary and tertiary are primary resources are primary is growing the resources. Secondary is making books and bread, chairs, clothing, boots, table, steak. Tertiary is selling the product to other country.

Comparing Guatemala and Canada

The comparison of GDP of Guatemala is 46.9 billion US dollars because the Guatemalan’s have lots of water and lots of coffee beans that they sell to the US. Canada is 1.736 Trillion US dollars because Canada has lots of coal, oil.

The people are happy by having their coffee beans and the food they have. The people in Guatemala are happy to live in a country. The kids are happy because they have a soccer ball to play with.

In Canada w e don’t have a quarter of Yokohama. I wake up and go to school and go home.  I play Xbox, go to hockey.I will have to work

In camndadThe population of Guatemala is 14,757,316

The main language of Guatemala is Spanish.

Most people in Guatemala love to play football{soccer to us}.Most people work in mine or work on the street.

The Neighbors of Guatemala are El Salvador, Mexico, Belize.

The Capital city is Guatemala city.

Climate The tropical climate zone encompasses areas between sea level and roughly 1,000 m (3,300 ft) of altitude. Daytime temperatures can go as high as 40° C (100° F) and nighttime temperatures rarely drop below 20° C (70° F).

Sports@rec Guatemala is famous for their soccer.

Time zone There time zone is the same to ours.

Political system They have the same political system as canada.

The conflict is cival war.The cooperation  of guatemala is utz stands for Fair Trade, Direct Trade, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, Whole Trade, and Organic. Guatemala’s inderpendance is peace

Guatemala has coffee and vegtables and lots of dirty water. They trade coffee for water and they trade bannas for some seeds and clean meat.

My country is located by the equator. Canada is located upper in the world the one ocean is atlantic ocean. Canada is in the northern hemisphere. guatemala is located in the southern hemisphere .1837 is when canada has the change. 1925 is when guatemala is changed.  Guatemala is warmer that canada because it is by the equator


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